From the last post, you were able to see how by knocking down a few walls and putting up some new ones, we were able to create a more usable and efficient use of space. So now to the bathroom makeovers.

First, I’ll start with the hall bath. It was definitely a step back in time and not a good one. As you can see below, it was very small, with dated fixtures, and not very welcoming.



With the new configuration and a little imagination, we were able to create a bright bathroom. The refurbished clawfoot tub fit perfectly and the sink cabinet made for good use of space. The toilet has its own room, a toilet closet so to speak with tile flooring. We also added a linen closet. The floor in the rest of the bathroom is the refurbished floor boards from the attic that were salvaged when the attic space was demo in preparation for insulation.








The master bath was a huge undertaking, and took us a while to plan out. Here are the pictures of the before. Please note you stepped up into the bathroom, which was due to the mechanicals/plumbing needed.



In the master bath, we wanted 2 sinks and a separate tub and shower, but space was limited. We also didn’t want to step up, which meant reworking the plumbing. In the end, we dropped the kitchen ceiling to make it work (see next post), but it was all worth it. The actual tile came from Home Depot and was installed by a local tiling company. The tub was a wonderful find and was actually free. We used unfinished floorboards from the attic as the tub surround instead of tiling. The sink cabinets are Ikea brand and the fixtures are from Ferguson. In the master bath, the toilet was once again in it’s own “room” with a tile floor, as we did in the hall bath.







Toilet room

Finally the half bath downstairs is actually one of my favorites as it was mostly cosmetic. Here is a before, which actually doesn’t show much. I forgot to get some before shots, but to give you a visual, the toilet was dark brown, and yes you read that correctly, Dark Brown.


We were able to find a sink at Architectural Salvage which worked great and was only $200. We replaced the toilet and pulled up the vinyl flooring. As luck would have it, underneath the flooring was a beautiful wood floor that we sanded and refinished. With a little paint and a decorative mirror we brought the downstairs bath into the 21st century.




Next up, the kitchen renovation…