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    Advanced Modular Homes
    BrightBuilt Home offers a line of architect-designed, high-performance homes that are priced to offer substantial savings off the lifetime cost of a typical home and can be delivered in less time.   Sustainable is now attainable.  This is the BrightBuilt Home mission.

    On the leading edge of sustainability and design, award-winning firm Kaplan Thompson Architects founded BrightBuilt Home with the goal of providing more beautiful, healthy and low-energy homes for the American homebuyer. The Passion for this creative and proven method of home building follows you through every step of the experience of Building your next home with Futuro and BrightBuilt. Advanced Energy modeling is used to help identify the best value to meet your need for you home and reduce your footprint.

    These homes are durable, healthy, beautiful and can be built in less time than a conventionally built home.

    For more information about your next BrightBuilt Home Contact us to received free information.