How important is that wall? This was a question I asked Jesse while deciding how we would change the floor plan of the house. Do we really need back stairs, or the attic stairs, I mean the house isn’t that big.

These questions proved to be the best thing that I could have asked and completely changed the options to reconfigure the upstairs floor plan and create a mudroom/laundry downstairs. Originally, the back stairs arrived at the same spot the front stairs did upstairs and limited the amount of floor space available for the hall bath. There were 3 hallways upstairs, the main hall, the hallway that joined a small room, one bathroom, and the master bedroom, and the final hall which created an extra bedroom upstairs. We chose to do away with the latter 2 halls in order to create usable floor space and a larger bedroom for our daughter. Many of the before pictures were taken during our walkthrough before purchasing the house.

Here is a view of the upstairs hallway, where the back stairs and attic stairs converged.

This is the back staircase and the attic stairs, prior to removal.

This is the back staircase and the attic stairs, prior to removal.

We were able to knock those out as well as the partition walls to open the space up. See the pictures of the progress below.



The following pictures show the view of the upstairs hall now that the new walls were put up and notice the pull down to the attic space which was added.




The Master Bedroom had a hall that connected the bathroom and a small back room all together. Due to the fact that we wanted a larger bathroom and closet space, we eliminated that as well and created a new layout for the bathroom.

Master Bedroom to hall

View from back hallway to master bedroom.

View from back hallway to master bedroom.

Now we have a private master bedroom and bathroom, with 2 walk in closets. Here is the bedroom with the new walls and hallway to the bathroom.



Other walls were torn down to create our daughters bedroom and dance area. With the walls up the one room was very small, now it is a true teenage retreat.

Here are before pictures. One note to make here is that we were very fortunate that the flooring under these particular walls were finished and no repairs were needed.



How it looks today:



The back hall originally had the back staircase and was extremely narrow.

Back staircase


By eliminating the stairs, it created a mudroom and laundry area.


Next up, the bathroom makeovers…