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    Not all Post and Beam Homes are Created Equal
    Timberpeg has a very special place in our heart here at Futuro. Founded by Jesse’s Father in 1974, Futuro has always had a passion for the traditionally inspired artisanal post and beam home.

    From Tradition charm to modern and elegant, Timberpeg can change the wow factor of the way your home feels. Whatever the look, location or style you know you want your home to be energy efficient and use sustainable building materials and practices. A Timberpeg home begins with a great design to make sure the entire building experience is fun and simple. A Timberpeg timber frame home is a legacy that can be passed down for generations. Those who inhabit it can enjoy these benefits for decades… or even centuries.

    Timberpeg homes are based on a systems built process of design and engineering that makes them infinitely adaptable in style, layout and size. Although Timberpeg has over 50 timber frame floor plans to browse, We expect that each plan needs tweaking to be your own or you may want to start with an entirely blank slate to meet your budget and site requirements.