Ok, so we have the 1770 Colonial…what now?  Well, although it is a bit daunting, decisions must be made and a budget, (yikes), needs to be created for the renovation.  (Full Disclosure, the budget was done prior to buying the house:)).

There are certain things that are a must.  The baby blue bathroom in the hall needs to go, as does the avocado colored master bath.  The 70’s were awesome, with flower prints, lava lamps and for me, The Partridge Family, (Big Crush on David Cassidy), but not so awesome in the bathroom department.  But, don’t tell my mom, as she still has her bathrooms firmly planted in 1972.

And, the bathroom changes in this house are not so simple to execute.  The upstairs hall bathroom in its current layout, is just too small for our family. So, we create the space we will need by taking out the back staircase from the first floor to the second floor and the stairs from the second floor to the attic.  The attic stairs will be replaced with a pull down to provide access to storage.  As a plus, this creates space on the first floor for a much needed mudroom/laundry space. Photos below show the hall bath and back/attic stairs followed by the demo results, as well as the master bedroom/bathroom before and after demo.

To create the master bathroom, walls must come down between the bedroom, bathroom and a small bedroom behind.  Oh, did I mention that the kitchen is below the master bath and because of this the ceiling in the kitchen needs to come down for the plumbing, electrical, and mechanicals…Can you say MESS, DEMO, and spending money on things that aren’t new and sparkly?Unfortunately, we had a few surprises, not uncommon in an old house and demo went over budget 40%?  This is something to keep in mind when renovating an older house.

While we are at it, we decide to knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room which will create an open floor space, which works well for how our family operates.  It is more cost efficient to do all the demo at once, plus you get the mess out of the way at one time. Photos below are of the kitchen/dining room before and after.

How are we living in this house as we do this, you may ask?  Well, thankfully this wonderful house has a one bedroom apartment attached. So the 3 of us that are here, (thankfully our son is living at college this summer), are sharing one room that is our living room/bedroom and we are grilling a lot.  Come September, I’m thinking none of us will want to see another burger…

Stay tuned for more updates…