Budgets are a reality. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to spend unlimited dollars for our remodels and renovations and our family is no different.  So, the question that comes to mind is where can we save some money and where will we be able to spend the money to make a great space without putting ourselves in a financial hole. It’s all about reclaiming balance.


An area where we are saving money is in bathroom.  We don’t need a top of the line toilet, we just want a low flush toilet that will save water and gets the job done.  What that means for us is spending about $250-$300 per toilet as opposed to $400-$500 for the higher end models.


Fortunately for us, the house already had a laundry sink in the basement that we will be moving to the mudroom area for laundry. It is a concrete wash basin sink.




An exciting find for us, was a 48inch double concrete sink with cast iron legs for a base, which was in the basement of our office building, which we were able to purchase from our landlord for $200. Both sinks need a little spiffing up, but will look great in the spaces.  We have been researching and reaching out to contacts, to make sure we refurbish them correctly, to fix any cracks, replace the drains, and avoid future leaks and issues. Where we decided to splurge was on the kitchen faucet and went with a commercial pot filler by Chicago Faucet.  It’s a big expense but it will complete the look we are going for.


dsc_9095dsc_9047dsc_9054Note: If you decide to go this route, make sure you have plenty of help to move the sink or an amateur engineer in the family, who can rig up something like we did to unload it from the truck, (see pulley system in picture).







We found a claw foot tub from the local architectural salvage shop.  It is in great shape and just needed some cleaning up and a couple of coats of paint on the outside. I was able to sand and scrape the exterior, as well as the claw feet, apply a good primer, then finish off with 2 coats of white paint. After priming the clawfeet, and using a spray paint to match the chrome fixtures, it makes for a great combination. We have purchased a shower kit for it with a curtain attachment to complete the look we are going for.  Not pictured, is an antique pedestal sink for the powder room that was purchased at the same time.














Tile for the master bath shower and the toilet rooms in the bathrooms was another area we saved.  If you don’t have a certain color in mind and are willing to be flexible, you can find some great deals at Home Depot or in the clearance section at your local home improvement store. The bathroom floors will be salvaged wood floors from the attic that we have de-nailed, and will be sanding and finishing with a low VOC oil finish.

Things are really moving along now, so more to follow soon.