When people find out you own a ‘green’ construction business and you tell them you have bought a house, their first reaction is why didn’t you build a house?  Hmm…cobblers kids with no shoes?  And, what do they picture once they realize you have bought a house? Most likely, a small, efficient, new and completely ‘green’ house.  Well, they need to think again.  What if say, the wife, in this partnership, for example, is in love with old houses. Not just old but really, really old houses.  The kind with slanting floors and 3 layers of wallpaper on the walls.  The kind of house with ‘Character’.  Yes, I said character, the word that sends builders into a cold sweat, the word that is synonymous with a Summer spent in one room family living while the rest of the house undergoes a transformation.  Let’s not forget that the husband who originally said no to old historic homes has suddenly fallen in love with a 40×30 timber framed barn to hold all of his ‘treasures,’ aka his tools, trinkets, and all of the stuff  he couldn’t bare to part with. So the decision was made to buy this house with historic beauty that is hidden by layers of linoleum and wallpaper. Welcome to the Summer of sawdust, paint brushes, and creating our family’s home.

DSC_8761DSC_8284 (1)DSC_8307